Different types of exterior siding

What to choose from

Brick, wood, fiber board, vinyl … the list goes on and on

When selecting the right siding for your project there are many variables one must consider.

  1. How much does it cost?
  2. How much maintenance will it require
  3. Wind rating and severe weather.
  4. Is it fire resistant
  5. What if in a few years, I want to change the appearance/color

So, what is best for you? Stucco, fiber board, brick, vinyl or wood.

Mobile Alabama Exterior Siding Repair & Replacement

Well, here are a few of our suggestions :

First of all, one must consider what’s best for their space/project. New construction vs. remodeling or an addition

Obviously on a new construction it’s much easier to select siding because there isn’t the whole “matching or complementing” existing siding so you can literally choose just about any siding.

Remodeling….? Things change a little with a remodel or in an addition

We always stress the importance of making our additions compliment the original construction. There is nothing worse than an addition that looks like an addition. You want the finish product to look like it’s part of the original house design and not just an after thought.

We pride ourselves at Integrity Remodeling and Construction LLC on helping our customers with this process we always make sure that we are creating a beautiful addition to your home, not just adding space.






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