Mobile Alabama Roof Install & Roof Repair

Mobile Alabama Roof Install & Roof Repair

During many home remodeling projects, we have identified significant roofing issues leading to leaks and interior home damage. Many times the roof needs simple repair or replacement to correct existing leaks. A small leak can be annoying but it can also be a sign that a serious problem exists in your roofing system. Don’t ignore a minor leak – it can quickly turn into an expensive headache. It can be difficult to locate the source of a leak. Water entering your home or business through the roof can travel under the shingles and along rafters and beams, only to appear as s drip or stain some distance away from the source. Finding the leak can be frustrating. At Integrity Remodeling, we have a full-time repair staff with the expertise to identify, isolate and repair all manner of leaks and other issues with your roofing system, siding, or gutters.

When the roof on your home is damaged, contact Integrity Remodeling Mobile Alabama to fix it fast. We offer free estimates on Mobile Alabama roof repair, and pride ourselves on our professional workmanship. Our roofing repair services are top-rated by our clients, and we always work to provide the best roofing repair services in Mobile Alabama.

Why Use Integrity Remodeling Mobile Alabama for Roof Repair:

  • Year round fast emergency response
  • Fully bonded, licensed and insured
  • We work with your insurance company
  • Quality workmanship
  • Only top quality materials used in all repair
  • All safety measures and precautions are met
  • Protection from debris around your home

Typical Roofing Repair that Integrity Remodeling Performs:

  • Missing, cracked or curling shingles which indicate they may have reached their useful life.
  • Excessive energy costs possibly caused by insufficient attic ventilation.
  • Dark or dirty areas on your roof caused by loss of shingle granules, pollutants, vegetation, or algae growth.
  • Stains on your interior ceilings and walls or mold and mildew growth.
  • Leaking in the attic after a heavy rain or snowstorm.
  • Roof shingle, sheathing, or siding decay caused from poor attic ventilation.

Our Integrity Remodeling professionals will safely address the immediate issue and take steps to
minimize the damage to your roof and home. We will perform thorough inspection and
evaluation, provide recommendations for permanent repairs or roof replacement.

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